Real Estate & Property

Trying to sell a home, land, or other real estate can be challenging. Donating these assets to Denison could be a more lucrative solution and relieve you or family members of the burden of selling the property.

With your gift of real estate and personal property, you help Denison immensely, while also gaining numerous personal financial benefits. You have options to:

  • Receive a charitable deduction for the full fair-market value of your donated real estate and avoid capital gain taxes on the appreciation.
  • Irrevocably deed any personal residence or farm to Denison while using it during your and another person’s lifetime.
  • Use real estate to fund a charitable remainder trust—a lifetime income gift.

Treasures Appreciated

Valuable property in your estate—like artwork, antiques, jewelry, rare books, coins, and stamps—are subject to estate taxes at their current market values. By donating valuables to Denison during your lifetime, you can receive a charitable deduction against your income taxes and avoid taxes in your estate.


Jason James Shuba

Jason James Shuba ’02

Director of Gift Planning


Headshot of Bill Storch

Bill Storch

Associate Director of Gift Planning