Gifts of Stock

A gift of appreciated securities is a powerful way to support Denison students while taking advantage of tax benefits.* Individual stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares are also great options that let you make a significant impact on the college.

It pays to ask a few questions first. In some cases, it is more advantageous for you to give a gift of an appreciated stock rather than a gift of cash. In these cases, you can deduct the amount of the stock’s fair market value from your taxes (some income/amount restrictions may apply) while avoiding capital-gains taxes on the stock’s increasing value. For stocks held less than one year, your tax-deductible amount is what you paid for the stock, not its current value.

The staff at Denison University can guide you through the process of making your gift of stock. They also can work with your financial advisor to create a plan that maximizes the benefit to you while realizing your philanthropic goals. Call 740-587-5540 to learn more or request an e-brochure.

*For specific tax benefits, rules, and regulations regarding gifts of stock, contact our office at 740-587-5540 or your financial advisor.


Jason James Shuba

Jason James Shuba ’02

Director of Gift Planning