Estate Planning

Smart estate planning helps you support Denison, while also benefitting loved ones and reducing the burden of state and federal taxes.

Currently, the law permits a 100 percent charitable estate tax deduction when you make a bequest to Denison in your will. This deduction reduces the estate tax bite, so your gift actually costs much less than its face amount.

Types of Bequests

Choose the type of bequest that makes the most financial sense for you and your family:

  • Unconditional Outright Gifts: You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of your total estate to donate to Denison. You can also make a bequest for a specific purpose that reflects your interests, like an endowed scholarship.
  • Residuary: This is a gift of all or a portion of the assets that remain after specific bequests to others, taxes, and other allocations have been paid out.
  • Contingent: This bequest goes to Denison only if a contingency occurs, such as a loved one predeceasing you.
  • Bequest of a Remainder Interest: Setting up a charitable remainder trust provides income to a designated individual for life, with the remainder going to Denison.
  • Bequest of an Income Interest: With a charitable lead trust, income goes to Denison for a specified period of time, then the trust assets go to your family.

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Jason James Shuba

Jason James Shuba ’02

Director of Gift Planning


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Bill Storch

Associate Director of Gift Planning