Strategic Priorities

When you make a gift to Denison, you ultimately support the college’s goal of delivering a world-class liberal arts education to its students. But within that vision, Denison identifies four areas of greatest priority:


Even as tuition costs rise within an increasingly competitive landscape, Denison remains committed to enrolling an increasingly diverse and talented student body. Therefore, a full 95 percent of current first-year students receive need-based financial aid and/or merit-based scholarships. On average, Denison invests $23,165 per student, per year. For the 2012-13 academic year alone, Denison has provided from its own resources a total of $48.5 million in grants and scholarships. Another $2.1 million of institutional funds are dedicated to providing self-help employment opportunities above and beyond standard college work-study funds. As a result, Denison consistently ranks among the top institutions nationally, and best in Ohio, for the lowest average student debt following graduation.

The Academic Experience:

With support from its donors, Denison attracts and retains an incredibly skilled, dedicated faculty, who make up the heart and soul of the college and who continually strive to advance in their own teaching and research. That support also ensures the low student-to-faculty ratio, close relationships, hands-on research and artistry, internships, off-campus study, and advanced technology that are today’s hallmarks of a world-class liberal arts education.

The Campus Experience:

Richly layered and defined by strong friendships, leadership opportunities, volunteerism, athletics, and the arts, outside-the-classroom experiences stay with students throughout their lives. Denison’s lively campus scene operates day and night, seven days a week, and donor support provides the resources needed for leadership training and successful student groups and projects.

The Campus:

Among its many strengths, Denison is lauded for a beautiful, highly-functional campus. And yet there remains need for continued improvement. To stay at the forefront of education and ensure that graduates have the tools and resources they need to hit the ground running in their professional and personal lives, the college must continue to invest in its learning and living environment.

Help Denison address these critical priorities. Make your gift of support today.