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Parents’ Fund

Parents of past and current students give to Denison for many reasons: To express gratitude for and belief in Denison. To pay good deeds forward. To connect.

While the motivations vary, the outcomes do not: Gifts to the Parents Annual Fund change young lives forever.

More than 90 percent of our students receive some form of financial assistance, supported in part by the Parents Fund. Without our extended family, many would never realize their dream of a world-class liberal arts education.

That’s not all. Tuition alone does not cover every day expenses. Ongoing gifts to the Annual Fund make up the difference and keep Denison strong by:

  • Attracting faculty: Ask your son or daughter what makes Denison special and likely more than one professor’s name comes up. We hire and retain exceptional faculty who inspire students to reach their potential.
  • Staying current: All across campus, Denison students have access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources that bolster their academic experience.
  • Broadening horizons: A growing roster of extras in sports, the arts, leadership, and beyond—made possible by your donations—helps students discover themselves outside the classroom.

The Parents Annual Fund Committee, comprised of roughly 45 families, works closely with the Annual Fund Office throughout the year. If you would like to volunteer to serve on the committee please contact the Annual Fund Office.

Together, these benefits not only improve our college; they increase the value of your child’s degree.

It takes just a minute to make a difference for Denison students today and for years to come.