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Denison Difference Scholarship

A Denison education makes a real difference in students’ lives, preparing them for personal and professional success amid a world of possibilities–a world where they in turn make a difference. Students and their families work hard to invest all they can in that education. But the fact is, for so many students, their Denison experience is largely possible through the generosity other Denisonians who support critically needed financial aid and scholarship resources.

Simply stated, Denisonians helping Denisonians is a tradition that goes back to the college’s founding. In honor of that tradition, Denison has introduced the Denison Difference Scholarship Initiative, which aims to raise $10 million in scholarship funds by June 30, 2014. The initiative is driven by two primary means of support:

  • Through the Annual Fund, the college is seeking four-year pledges of $5,000 per year, for a total of $20,000. Gifts to this portion of the initiative go directly to students in the current academic year.
  • Through the Major Gifts Program, the college is inviting select donors to make restricted gifts of $100,000 or more which will be applied to the endowment, funding future scholarships for years to come.

To support the Denison Difference through the Annual Fund today, simply go to the Make a Gift page (and note your intention for the Denison Difference in the comments section). Or, to discuss options for endowing a full or partial scholarship, please contact the staff expert listed on this page.